Thursday, March 8, 2018

Here we go again

And  here we go again. Really? Really?!!! My biggest fear has come true. After eleven years of looking over my shoulder this stupid cancer has come back. I'm more pissed off than scared. Every year I was cancer free, I would announce to anyone that would listen, "it's been five years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it's been ten years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer" I just reached eleven years in August of 2017 and said with pride, "it's been eleven years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer" This sucks!
I am devastated. I just don't want to go through this again. I know what I'm in for......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I didn't fall of the face of the earth!!!

I didn't fall of the face of the earth I really didn't!! I have just been doing the same old stuff....babysitting, babysitting and more babysitting!! Little Jeffrey is getting so big. He is talking so good now and is the sweetest boy EVER!! He really has me wrapped around his finger.

So what's been going on other than babysitting?
I had my 3 month checkup with my oncologist. I have a "nodule" on my right breast.
I have to go June 5th for the usual workup. Mammogram, ultrasound, and breast MRI.
From there they will let me know if I have to have a biopsy. I guess I will never have a time in my life when I don't have to worry about breast cancer not creeping back up on me.

I just celebrated my 46th birthday. I had a nice day with my family. My daughter Megan bought new cushions for my patio set. Jeff and Bonnie gave me a gift card and I went and bought an anti gravity lawn chair. It's the best chair EVER!!
I am really going to enjoy it when we go camping in July. We are going to Ludington State Park for 2 weeks. We are buying a new camper as soon as we find one we really like. The one we have now is really old. I love it but it is just falling apart!

The weather is so nice! I have been working in the yard and planting flowers. I love this time of year. I have an ant problem on my patio though! I don't have the heart to kill them I have to get Jeff to put out the ant killer for me. I just can't!! Is that weird??

I joined a gym a couple months ago and it is really helping me get strong again.
I love working out there. My sister Sue joined too and we have so much fun together there. I'm getting in shape and actually losing some inches here and there. I have to say..working out does make me feel better. I hate working out at home so I had to join the gym just to keep me motivated.

This weekend is the Relay for Life. I am so excited and the weather is supposed to be nice. I hope the weather report doesn't change! Here is my Relay Page.

I have to get to bed! I'm going to work out in the morning and then we have to pick up the lemons for our lemonade stand we are having at the Relay.
Be back soon

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe I haven't been on my blog in so long. The days go by so fast and I have been so busy.
So much has gone I on don't even know where to start.

My mom had a second surgery on her knee. She is doing ok but has been in a lot of
pain. She has therapy and the guy has been bending it 100%. I know she is just really bored with being stuck in the house. She is starting to get out more a little here and there though.

My computer crashed and I lost all my pictures!! I was a little upset but I'm over it now. Most of them were my vacations pictures. I saved a lot of the pictures of the baby and my kids stuff but I never got around to saving my folder and then CRASH!!! Oh well, life goes on..It's weird how you change after something like cancer...when things like my computer crashing happens it just doesn't feel like the end of the world anymore. lol

Megan went on Spring Break to Florida and I was a nervous wreck! I tracked her plane all the way there. I called her 10 times before she ever made it to the hotel room, then I realized.....ok I have to let her go and have a good time without me stalking her. I finally told her to call me when she wanted to talk, and she said..."no mom, please call me anytime you want." She would call me when she was laying on the beach in Daytona and tell my how beautiful it was and that she wants to take a trip with me. She has grown up so much. It makes me happy, but it makes me sad too.

I joined a gym! I go every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The reason I joined was to get my strength back. I have lost about 25 pounds that I gained during my treatment. I'm about back to where I weighed when I was diagnosed. Now I just have to get some muscle tone back. So far I am loving the gym. I haven't been too sore..just a little and I don't dread going. Sue joined with me and we have such a good time together. They have a steam room, a dessert room, pool and whirlpool.
After working out it feels great to just go in there and hang out. I love it.

I am going to have to come here more often. I really miss it. It's just that when I was sick, this was my place to go to vent and let everyone know what was going on in my life. I miss everyone and I really have to go catch on some blogs. I hope everyone is doing good.

Well, I'm off to the show! I am taking my niece and nephew to see the Hannah Montana movie...(shh, I really want to go too!) I used to watch Hannah Montana marathons when I was sick. It would be the only thing on besides infomercials when I couldn't sleep. lol.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have been missing in action here for a while.
My mom is doing pretty good. She is on her third cast now. I think she is just really getting bored with being stuck in the house all the time. We have been going over to see her a lot. The other night we all went over and played poker. Wednesday I we over to have lunch with Mom, Pam, Sue and Megan. We played bingo and Pam even bought prizes. It was so fun. We are just trying to keep her busy because she is a little stir crazy. She will be getting the cast off soon and they will put a softer cast on that will help her gradually bend her knee. Then she has to go in and have the wire taken out that they put in when she had surgery. Her knee still looks awful. Sue took pictures of it when they did the cast change and she has 15 staples and it is still very swollen. I just can't believe she is going through this.

I have been on a diet for 3 weeks. So far I've lost 8 pounds! I just cut out all the junk food and snacking at night. I am in a weight loss challenge with some friends from my RNL website. Knowing that I have to weigh in every week helps keep me from falling off the wagon. lol. My friend told me today that 8 pounds is like 2 bags of sugar! I feel really good and I even had to pull out my old jeans because the others were falling off my butt.

I have been asked by the Relay for Life to participate in Faces of Celebration.
I am still learning about what this is but I know that my face will be on a banner
and I will represent "Celebrate". I also have to tell them my story and they will put it on the banner. Here's the kicker...I have to make a speech at a get together about my experience. OH NO!! It freaks me out a little but I think I can do it.
If they would have asked a year ago I don't think I could...I still had that lump in my throat when I talked about it. But I think I'm ready now. Ready to move on and help people.
I better get going and figure out what I'm going to say...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mom's surgery.

My mom had her surgery today and everything went good. They said that they will be getting her up tomorrow to move around a little. I couldn't be at the hospital today because last night around 9:00 my stomach started feeling weird. By 11:00 I had a full blown stomach virus. I was so sick and all I could think about was my mom's surgery and how I had to be there. Megan took great care of me, but I was so bad that I almost passed out. I was up every half hour until about 7:00 this morning running to the bathroom. It was not good. I finally remembered that I had some compazine left from when I was having chemotherapy. It helps with the upset stomach. I took that and went to bed all day. I am still feeling crappy but mostly tired.
I am just happy that my mom's surgery went good. I talked to her on the phone and she sounded good.
I am off to bed so I can rest up and see her tomorrow. My head is still really fuzzy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another update.

The Orthopedic Surgeon came in and said he would be doing the surgery tomorrow.
He said it was an odd break so he will have to put a wire around it. He will also have to put some pins in. He also said the tendon will have to be repaired. He told my mom the worst part of the surgery will be 8 weeks in a cast from her thigh to her foot. She is doing better now because they are managing the pain. As long as she doesn't move it's ok but if they come in and try to move her leg she feels it.
I brushed against her foot and it really hurt her. I got the heebie
Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it so much.

Update on my mom

I just got a call from my mom and they are not doing the surgery today.
I am headed up there now to see what's going on.